Finding the perfect sensitivity for you is essential in a game like CSGO.

Even a 0.1 difference in sensitivity can be the difference in winning or losing a skirmish. You might be playing the game for 1000 hours without taking your time to consciously find your ideal sensitivity which will result in you getting stuck somewhere down the ladder of ranks.


Already found your dream sensitivity? Now time to try things out practically. Hop on to a custom server on a training map like training_aim_csgo 2 or aim_botz, both of which are popular maps and can be freely found on the workshop.

Set a goal for yourself, like having a 95% accuracy on the former and 100 kills per minute on bots for the latter. Now the tedious part – don’t stop till you achieve the goal you’ve set. It may take you hours at first, but it’ll be worth every minute spent in the long run.


So you’ve set your sensitivity and completed your practice goal? Congrats, you get to the part where you get to pop some heads vs real players in a deathmatch. Why didn’t I put this in the practice section? Because unlike practice, this is actually fun.

Shooting moving opponents is an entirely different experience than shooting at innocent stationary bots. Join a deathmatch server, preferably a free-for-all community server. Focus simply on tapping heads of enemies you see. For the first ten minutes, don’t spray, even if the enemy is right in front of you. Focus entirely on the enemies’ heads and try to get one taps with the AK.

For the next ten minutes, focus on spraying and only spraying. Try to perfect your recoil control in the ten minutes. Regardless of how far your enemy is, spray him down.

Now for the final ten minutes of your deathmatch, do a combination of tapping, bursting and spraying. Kill enemies just as you’d do in an actual competitive game. You’d be surprised at how much you’ve improved in the last few hours you devoted to the game.


Having good gear is essential if you want to get past a certain level in gaming. You have to invest in a good gaming mouse, a good mousepad to go along with it, and a good keyboard.

Try to look online for the gear of the pros if you feel lost. Most pros’ gears are very costly, but you can be sure that those gears will be the best you can get for your money.

Other than gear, make sure that your mouse settings in the game are all good. Most importantly, make sure your m_rawinput command in the console is set to 1 to disable the mouse acceleration which is generally unwanted. You can also take a look at the configs of pros to get an idea of their mouse settings


You’ve refined your mechanical skills and ensured that your gear is on point. Now the only thing left to conquer is your mind.

Remember, not all aim duels can be won in CSGO, no matter how good you are. No matter how much your mind wants to take a second peek at mid against the enemy awper holding the angle, you should know that the odds won’t be in your favour. Know which duels to take, and always keep thinking a step ahead of your opponents.

Try to study the different maps to get a clear idea of the advantageous positions you can hold to get the upper hand in duels. That knowledge along with your precise aim will be enough to wipe enemies off their feet.