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CS GO FAST is one of the most popular gambling sites for CS GO skins. It’s hard to meet someone who hasn’t heard of mega-winnings on the xgofast website. The 37ivmt-csgo promo code for the csgofast.com website will help you to start playing and win successfully in various modes. Details on the types of games below!


Classic at CS GO FAST

Classic Jackpot . You place a bet, the winning odds are determined from the ratio of the bet to the total amount of the draw. The winner takes all.

Fast game

The same jackpot, but: firstly, for three — there are only three participants in the game, and secondly, with a limit on the bet — there will be no big bets and players playing at high percentages.

Esports Bets at CS GO FAST

Match Betting — accepting bets on winning esports matches. Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota2 are available from the games. The winning odds depend on the ratio of bets between the teams.


Card game. In front of you is a deck of cards, you need to guess which card will be next. Great variability of rates, and the very name HiLo comes from the ability to guess which card will be next — higher than the previous one or lower.

Crash at csgofast

A game in which the win rate increases over time. The bet is not placed on a specific number, but on the odds that will appear. There is a possibility of autobet

Double game at CS GO FAST

Classic three-color roulette , 15 numbers — from zero to 14. Three colors — red, black and green. A bet on red or black brings a doubling of the bet, a bet on green gives a win of 14x.


Four-color roulette . It differs from the classical one in the coefficients and the number of dropped numbers. There are 54 numbers on the wheel, the colors are blue, red, green and yellow, when dropped out of which the winnings are x2, x3, x5 and x50, respectively.

Craft at CS GO FAST

The type of game in which you determine the probability of winning yourself. You set the probability, choose a prize, and you win. The prize can be game coins, as well as CS GO, PUBG or Dota2 skins

Wheel Of Fortune

Prize wheel. All skins available on the site are raffled off at once. What comes out is a win.


Here you can remember the instant lottery. It is necessary to erase the fields and rise higher. With each floor passed, the amount of the win grows. At every step there is an opportunity to lose or withdraw the accumulated winnings.


Cases with CS GO skins . Cases with different cost, in which skins are of different cost.

Slot game at CS GO FAST

A slot machine with skins from the Couner Strike game on its reels. There is a bonus — 10 free games, for which you need to match the Crown sticker, the Howl sticker and the chicken.


The rules of the game are the same as in ordinary baccarat. Game of 2-3 cards, the goal is to score 9 points on the balance. Numeric cards are valued at face value, ace — one, pictures — zero. The game is played against the dealer, bets are placed on the outcome — who wins, the dealer or the player. A bet on a draw is possible.


As a deposit, the CS GO FAST website accepts skins from Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dota2, replenishment through Gamemoney or G2P.


The site of KS GO FAST is often blocked by providers. Current links (mirrors of csgofast.com) to the site: